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Hi, I'm Parul Sheth.

Buttersport is a venture that I have founded out of my passion for sports and fitness.

As I transitioned from a Marathoner to a Triathlete, I realised the complexity of planning my IronMan 70.3 race. From the expensive bike bag to the wetsuit, some of which was not required for training, but only for the Race, it was all adding up to a small fortune.

To encourage and facilitate greater participation, Butter Sport rents out various essentials for the sport, starting with bike bags, wetsuits and trainers. The focus is on stocking high quality equipment that can make a genuine difference to your race. 

Butter Sport hopes to help grow the Indian cyclist and triathlete community by reducing the entry barriers and mobilising budding and seasoned athletes to be the best they can be.

“All dreams come true if you have the power to pursue them.” 

~   Walt Disney

About Me

Along with my career as an architect, I found my calling when I started running in 2004 and following it up with several half marathons and 9 Full Marathons, over the last 15 years. A Boston Marathon finisher (2017), I completed my first IronMan 70.3 in Dubai in February 2019. Today, I am a qualified Marathon coach (ACSM) and a certified Wellness Coach (ICF). As my training picked up I started a blog at and published a national bestseller, “The Running Soul: My Journey from Darkness to Light” in 2014.


Life for me has been about challenges, some were thrown at me and some I chose. As I live each day, I learn to endure. I may not always emerge a winner, but I hope to keep on evolving, getting stronger.

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”

~          Hamlet, Act 4, Sc. 5 (William Shakespeare)

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