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Bike Check-In Rules - International Airlines

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Flying international with your bike? Here are the special baggage rules from some key airlines consolidated for you here. Please note, while we will try to keep this post updated, the airlines may change the rules from time to time so do check directly with your airline too.

(For rules on Domestic Airlines, click here.)

Most airlines allow bikes if they are a part of the free baggage allowance - so that is a relief. They do, however, stress upon the need for it to be packed safe and secure (naturally!) and need to be intimated about the grand arrival of your beauty in advance!

The "bike-friendly" airlines:


All sporting equipment including golf equipment, bicycles and ski equipment:  Emirates will accept sporting equipment as checked baggage and part of your standard baggage allowance. If you intend to take a bicycle as checked luggage, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. Special packaging rules may apply.”

“At any time, should your overall baggage weight or number of bags, including sports equipment, exceed the complimentary free baggage allowance, excess baggage rates will apply.”


“Selected sports equipment is exempt from oversized baggage fees.

Bikes can be included as part of your baggage allowance as long as they weigh no more than 32kg and do not exceed the maximum dimensions of 300cm.”

Qatar Airways:

“Bicycles may be carried as checked baggage or cargo. Please ensure they are properly packed in a strong, custom-made box. Tyres should be deflated, pedals removed, and handlebars turned and fixed lengthways.”

British Airways:

These guys are used to bike races… ;-)

“Sports equipment can be carried as part of (but not in addition to) your free checked baggage allowance or as part of an additional purchased allowance if required. We'll even accept some types of equipment over our standard checked baggage size.

We will accept non-motorised bicycles up to 190cm (75in) in length, provided they are packed in a recognised bicycle bag.”

The "not-so-bike friendly" airlines:

Turkish Airlines:

“We transport your bicycle as checked baggage on domestic flights. If you exceed the baggage weight allowance you will need to pay an excess baggage fee. For international flights, we apply a special baggage fee. For more information visit out bicycle transportation page.”

and that “special baggage fee” to India is 50 Euros!

But here is the catch. If you get that cheap fare for the race in Italy see what happens:

“For travels from/to international airports (except for Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) including a transit flight to Turkey, we calculate the total charge by adding together the one-way charge between each point and Turkey." For example: If you are travelling from Mumbai to Milan, you will pay €50 for your Mumbai - Istanbul flight plus €30 for your Istanbul - Milan flight, making a total of €80!!! One way!


You think all is cool, book that cheap fare and guess what you end up paying…..

“You must register your sports baggage no later than 24 hours before departure.

Sports baggage can be counted as your free baggage as long as the number of items and the weight do not exceed the free baggage allowance stipulated for your travel class. This does not, however, apply to the Economy Class Light fare.”

Rates for bikes could vary from 50 euros upwards depending on your destination.


International Airline Bike Baggage Rules
International Airline Bike Baggage Rules

We have tried to cover the most popularly used airlines from India. If you would like us to cover any other airline or have an experience to share, please do comment.

Disclaimer: Fees and policies are current as of July 15, 2019, and may change without notice.

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