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YOU trust US to:


  • Provide gear which is in good, working condition and poses no safety risks resulting directly from poor quality, maintenance or hygiene of the equipment.

  • Provide guidance to the best of our abilities and expertise to help you select the most appropriate gear for your needs.

  • Keep our pricing and terms reasonable and competitive.


WE trust YOU to:

  • Care for our gear as if it is your own

  • Return the gear by the agreed date

  • Keep us informed in case of any delay or damage

  • And, er, to not sub-rent the gear :-|.


Renting from BUTTERSPORT is smooth as….er, butter :-)​

  1. Select the item(s) you want to rent. You are welcome to visit us to try for size or inspect the gear.

  2. Decide your rental dates. Gear is rented on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis. For part of a week/month, daily rental will be charged.

  3. Fill out a simple rental form. Any pre-existing flaws or damage to the gear will be noted, where possible, with photos.

  4. Make the following payments (by cheque, or online to Parul Sheth)

    1. 100% Rent in advance

    2. Deposit (to be returned within 24 hours of safe return of rented gear)

  5. You’re ready to roll.

  • All items must be returned by 5:00pm on the agreed end-of-rental date.

  • If extension is required, please give us fair warning (7 days before expiry of rental would be great!). Extensions are, of course, subject to availability.

  • If return is delayed without aforesaid fair warning, it poses a problem. Bear in mind, the items may have been committed to another customer for that period. Hence we are forced to charge increased Rental Fees of 150% of the agreed fee for every day of the delay, or part thereof, up to a maximum of 150% of the full value of the item.

  • Early return of items (before due date) does not translate to a refund. All rentals are non-refundable.

  • Normal Wear And Tear is, of course, accepted. Pre-existing damages, if any, must be reported within 24 hours of receiving the item.

  • Damages that require some fixing or special cleaning must be paid for based on the repair estimates as determined by Buttersport. Buttersport reserves the right to deduct the same from the deposit, if necessary.

  • If an item is damaged beyond repair or is lost, the customer must reimburse 100% of the full value of a new item of the same kind, over and above the rental due for the term of use. Buttersport reserves the right to forfeit the deposit towards (partial) settlement of the same, if necessary.


Deposits are fully refundable upon safe return of items.

For additional days beyond weekly rental, 75% of daily rates will apply.

For rentals longer than 3 months, call us for pricing.

Multiple quantities and sizes available.
GST/Taxes, if any, are not included.
Home Delivery/Pick-Up Services can be arranged at additional costs. Please ask us for rates.

Please read the Rental Rules carefully.

Please feel free to email us at for more information.

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