Looking for a Triathlon/Ironman Coach?

Updated: Mar 16

Training for a Triathlon can be more complex than we imagine. Three sports (as if one was not enough!), managing the volume, the intensity and the combination of it all! And then the transitions, nutrition and the myriad technicalities! For first timers, we need a framework to undertake a complex race like this, and for the serial offenders(!!) amongst us, a coach helps change gear and achieve our goal!

Triathlon racing can be an expensive lifestyle, with its international racing destinations and the plethora of gear. A coach will help us maximise hours and the sweat we spend training and agonising - make it count! To push us when we need it, to pull back when recovery is paramount, and most importantly, to lift us out of the doldrums when we need it. For need it, we will!

Some of us could even require specialised coaching for the swim or the bike leg, for speed and technique and all those little things that we didn’t even know existed!

Here are the dream makers…Triathlon, Marathon, Bike and Swim coaches! Please note, although we have indicated location for each coach, most of them train athletes remotely, anywhere in the world. As always, please help us keep this updated through your comments or email us.

Triathlon/Marathon Coaches:

Kimberly Shah

About: American born, Kimberley lives in Mumbai. She has worked as a Master Trainer Educator for multiple brands, raced competitively and given talks and lectures in her field for over a decade. Racing competitively in the sport of triathlon for over a decade, she brought the first triathlon to Gujarat to help introduce a new sport to the country which is rapidly growing today. She has directed and organized several running events throughout the state.