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Looking for a new goal?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Coach Kaustubh Radkar shares his thoughts on training for your first triathlon:


  • · Swimming freestyle is not a skill anyone on this planet is born with. It must be learned. You need to find a reliable coach and take 4-5 lessons a week with him on the deck. A training plan, only, is not enough. (swim coaches can be found here). It is a technical sport and it is worth investing your time in order to learn the stroke correctly.

Once you can swim 100m non-stop you are ready to get a Triathlon coach (Tri coaches here). You can build up from there.
  • · You can swim any stroke in the race: breast stroke or front crawl.

  • · A special note for athletes from North…Delhi and other cities, most pools are closed from November to Feb., so that could hamper your training.


  • · For beginners, this is a relatively easier leg.

  • · You can even start on an MTB or a hybrid bike. There is no reason to get a road bike immediately.

Safety and comfort on the bike is critical. Speed can come later, with training.
  • · Start with short rides, preferably with a group to build your confidence and bike handling skills.

  • · With the hazardous Indian traffic, it would be a good idea to get a bike trainer (or rent one here).


  • · If you are a runner, then cut your running days and focus on the bike.

Usually, bike training is enough for your running fitness.
  • · This is the most untechnical leg of the triathlon. It is at the very end when most athletes run out of steam. A walk-run strategy is also adopted, very successfully, by some!

  • · Let your coach guide you for what works the best for you!

Sign up with a coach at least 3-6 months before your event.


With this distribution, the swim is clearly the smallest component. Since it is in the start, you are fresh. Also- it is least impacting, so if you swim “sensibly” then you can come out pretty fresh from the swim into T1, ready to attack the bike. The key with the first leg, is to finish it- “relatively comfortably”.

A well-paced, slightly conservative bike usually results in a better run.

So set a goal, find a coach and go for it!

And with some hard work and discipline you will be a Triathlete!

Looking for a Nutritionist? Find them here

Looking for more inspiration? Triathlon stories here

All the best!

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