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Goa Olympic Tri! My Dream 4.0

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

How I jumped into it...literally!

A Sub 4 it is!

4.45 am

We are all in it together!

The Tri-house (10 of us staying together!) was buzzing. Tea, coffee, oats, Fast and Up activate, bananas all laid out amidst, bike helmets, swim caps, shoes and event bags, Yet, there was order in the chaos. The veterans worked with calm minds and skilled hands and the newbies ran helter-skelter, bordering on panic.

6.10 am

We checked in our T1/T2 bags (transition bags), racked our bags and were all set. All we had to do now was jump into the cold ocean!

Ok- Seriously, what was I thinking?

As we lined up at the beach, the hierarchy was evident. Champs up front, every second mattered to them, us…right at the back- the aim was only to come out of the sea, safely, without getting kicked too many times!

7.15 am

My first sea swim!

I swam well, even if I say so myself. The key was to remain calm and keep my breathing under control. I managed that and got out of the water like I had won the war. Challenge 1 done!! I was thrilled to bits. The crowd awaiting us at the beach was encouraging us to run through Transition 1 to the bike, but I just had to spend a few seconds doing a little victory dance on the sand, take a few deep breaths find my balance before I moved into the next part. This was never ending. No time to rest.

8.25 am

The bike

Shower, shoes, glasses, helmet, gel and out.

There was a 800m climb right in the second Km, which I biked half and walked the rest. I had picked my battles. In the first loop, as I flew down the highway, I felt wonderful. This is what I had come to Goa for. To enjoy this Triathlon. And I was feeling on top of the world. By loop 3, I saw the others already running. And I thought to myself, when will this end? It was a great experience as everything was happening in that 12km loop, so we kept spotting each other as we biked and ran. Passed point B for the seventh time, and zoomed into T2. I need to rest. Stop. Sit. But no! No chance of that! Go, go, go!

10.25 am

The run!

Rack the bike, cap, gel, 2 sips of coke and out.

With gingerly legs, I strolled out and slowly picked up. Pace came surprisingly easily and for the first time in the race I relaxed. Shook out my shoulders and smiled. Only 9k to go! Great! I will be done soon. I ran easy, encouraged the walkers, just ran with rhythm, slow on the uphills and flew on the downs. I was in my comfort zone. And before I knew it, 2k to go, and that treacherous 800m bike uphill, became my fastest 800m downhill sprint. And then I saw the board… “Smile, only 500m to go”. And that did the trick. I pumped my arms up the last hill, flying past 2 triathletes along the way to blaze up to the finish.

11.26 am

The run!

3 push ups later, hugs, smiles and gratitude! What a wonderful feeling!

3:56:50…Sub 4. As Pulin had predicted before I had even started training.

This race was wayyyyy outside my comfort zone. And I did it.

 WIP Swimmer


Average Runner

Complete Triathlete!!!

If I can do it, anyone can! Keep challenging yourself, and discover a world without limits!

Blaise Pascal:   “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

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